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                            Tailift Forklift Division Enters Joint Venture With Toyota Industries Corporation
                            Aug 18, 2015

                            Tailift Group announces the spinning off of its forklift divisionwhich has manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Taiwan and China, and sales office and warehouse in the U.S.A.. The forklift division forms into a new company and officially enters joint venture with Toyota Industries Corporation (hereafter Toyota Industries.) Tailift forkliftbecomes a member of the Toyota Industries Group.

                            Formed in 2001, Global Power Co., Ltd., (hereafter Global Power) is the registered English name for Tailift factory in Qingdao, China (also known as Tailift China.)Global Power is one of the top leading brands in the China market underthe Tailift brand; CT Power (China Tailift Power) is the main brand* used for export. Global Power exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.

                            Tailift Group has been manufacturing and selling material handling products and services for over 30 years. In 2014, Tailift was ranked by MHI as the 15th largest forklift suppliers globally. Now Tailift forkliftis part of Toyota and rank as #1 in the world**.

                            *certain territories outside of China are also using the Tailift brand for products made by Global Power in China.

                            **Information still applicable as of Oct. 2018.

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