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                            Precautions On Forklift Operation In Winter
                            Dec 27, 2018

                            The snowy winter weather in certain areas could affect forklift performance and cause safety hazards for outdoor operation. Below are some suggestions when driving forklifts in winter:

                            Snowing could cause the road pavement to be filled with frozen snow, greatly reducing road traction.  Do not turn or brake sharply on icy roads because the forklift could slip.

                            Take anti-skid measures such as paving soot or grass on roads filled with snow.

                            Low temperature is one of battery’s greatest nemesis. Low temperature could cause the electrolyte activity inside the battery to slow down, causing an increase in internal resistance, thereby reducing the battery’s power and capacity. Also, the forklift consumes the most electric power in cold winter, which means the battery drains the most during winter; therefore, one should do proper battery maintenance during winter and to check and test the battery before hitting winter season.

                            The performance of the electric forklift will decline during winter. The economic efficiency of internal-combustion forklifts will also decline, and the fuel consumption will increase; especially for forklifts parked outdoor, the lubricant’s viscosity and fuel consumption will increase, thereby reducing working efficiency. To improve forklift’s working efficiency, should perform seasonal maintenance before entering winter, select lubricant for cold-winter operations to lubricate parts, and accelerate slowly after a cold start.

                            For electric forklifts parked outdoor, take all kinds of measures to protect the normal working temperature of the battery and motor, replace the antifreeze timely to avoid the engine from cracking in cold weather.

                            Clean the gasoline tank, gasoline filter, carburetor, hydraulic tank frequently.

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