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                            30th Anniversary For Tailift Forklifts
                            Jun 08, 2017



                            2017 marks the 30th year for Tailift in the forklift industry. The origin of the Tailift Group dates back to 1973 inthe machining tools industry in Taiwan. The TailiftGroup began designing and manufacturing forklifts in 1987 under the Tailift brand. In 2001, China division is established under the English name Global Power Co., Ltd. (also commonly called Tailift China), manufacturing and selling forklifts under the Tailift brand in domestic China, and the GC Power and later CT Power brand for export. In 2014, The Tailift Group’s forklift division enters joint venture with Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). In 2017, to celebrate its 30th anniversary in forklifts, Tailift is proud to announce a series of upgrades for its forklifts.

                            Product Upgrades and New Product from Tailift China

                            The new 7L-Sfrom Tailift China is the 30th anniversary edition offering upgrades for the popular and proven 7L series. Available in capacities from 2.0T to 3.5T, the 7L-S further improves performance, reliability and durability.  Smaller turning radius via a revised rear axle system enables better maneuverability, especially in tight spaces. Notable improvements have been made for faster and smoother simultaneous operations in steering, lifting and tilting. Revised internals in the patented Tailift transmission strengthens durability. Various improvements help protect and reduce the chance of oil leaks. A new counterweight provides enhanced dissipation and can withstand more harsh working environment.

                            The H series, currently the most popular Tailift model in China, will soon be available in other territories. The H series offers the best price-performance ratio ever for a Tailift model. For the 30th anniversary, a series of notable improvements have made the H series even more durable and better performing. The new 7L-S and the H series will be available under the Tailift andCT Power brands in selected markets.*

                            The TL series from Tailift China (and export brand CT Power) is a brand-new model setting new bar in counterbalance forklifts. The TL emphasizes on ECO, easy maintenance, safety and performance, while achieving lower operating noise and vibration. Over 60 improvements have been made inside and out.The TL series is available from 2.0T to 3.5T capacities. 

                            *depending on territory

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