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    Tailift forklift 2017 spring Canton fair with you
    Jul 17, 2017

    The 121th spring Canton fair on April 15,2017 the grand opening,the Canton fair in China and the world’s largest integrated exhibition, Tailift forklift natural won’t miss the chance,in what promises to be extraordinary Canton fair,Tailift forklift will bring you a new display and service experience,we are looking forward to meet with your cooperation!

    Tailift forklift-1.jpg

    Tailift forklift (CT POWER)in section 9.0a,B 12-14 booth to display,this exhibition in our domestic and island colleagues will be in this welcome your arrival!

    Tailift forklift-2.jpg

    Tailift forklift-3.jpg

    This exhibition,Tailift forklift will be efficient,safe,environmental protection,comfortable,flexible display TL series for you,such as FD25、7LPLUS FD30、7L FD30 、7L FB15 models and so on,booking with our clients and customers are from all over the world to show,visit and talks on site,in view of our products and service obtained the customer consistent high praise.

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