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    Bauma exhibition (by Germany) 2016
    Mar 29, 2017

    The world's largest construction machinery exhibition Bauma exhibition (by Germany) on November 25, 2016 in Shanghai new international expo center formally ended, as construction machinery industry of China and Asia's top event, Since 2002 landing in China, the exhibition has been held for seven sessions, has now become international companies into the Chinese market, Chinese enterprises to go global market the perfect trade platform.

    Our company marketing center organized Oversea sales department and R&D department to actively participate in the Fair, it shows the general domestic and foreign merchants during the company's new TL series diesel forklift and H series electric forklift ,Both win the praise of domestic and foreign merchants. By attending the Fair, Our company oversea sales dept. and R&D dept. to harvest a lot, at the same time, the exhibition received great support from Tailift - Shanghai Pudong branch .

    Our company has several overseas agent and exclusive agency also came to the booth to discuss & sign the order, The Bauma Fair help our company to build up brand image, Hope everyone colleague makes persistent efforts, To create the brilliant and prosperous year !





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