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                • ADDRESS:Yinghai Industrial Park, Jiaozhou, Qingdao City, Shandong, China

                • MOBILE:Tel #+86-188 0639 8791

                • E-MAIL:t.shomura@tailift.com.cn

                • TEL:+86-532-85263555

                Tailift has been providing reliable and competitive material handling products for over 30 years.The origin of the Tailift Group dates back to 1973 in the machining tools industry in Taiwan.

                The Tailift Group began designing and manufacturing forklift in 1987 under the Tailift brand.



                In 2001, the Tailift China factory with a registered English name, GLOBAL POWER CO.,LTD., was established, manufacturing and selling forklift under the Tailift brand for the domestic Chinese market, and CT Power brand (abbreviation for China Tailift Power) for the export market.

                In 2014, the Tailift Group was ranked by TMHI as the 15th largest forklift supplier globally. In 2015, the Tailift Group material handling division entered joint venture with TOYOTA Industries Corporation and become a member of the Toyota Industries Group.

                Tailift group has a unified R&D department between Taiwan and China and is one of the very few forklift manufacturers in China to design, patent and manufacture our own forklift transmission, offering performance,reliability and technical advantages over the competition. With an annual production capacity of 30,000 units, GLOBAL POWER CO.,LTD. (Tailift China division) has obtained CE and ISO 9001 certifications and has obtained good global reputation. 


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